Seal Coating

Prevent oxidation in your commercial parking lot or driveway by applying pavement sealer services with Midwest Coatings.

The Seal Coating Process

Midwest Coatings worker pushes equipment along a driveway to perform a sealcoating job.

Step One

Clean existing pavement surface with self-propelled brooms or high power blowers.

Step Two

Apply asphalt emulsion or coal tar pavement sealer at a rate of .20 gal per square yard. Sealer shall be applied in two coats unless otherwise noted on proposal. Perimeters of area to be sealed shall be edged to prevent overspray.

A photo of a worker viewing some seal coating work on a handicap parking space.

Step Three

After the sealer has been cured the pavement markings will be marked out with chalk and painted with latex paint.

Slurry Sealing & Microsurfacing

Our highest-quality microsurfacing treatments have proven to provide the best asphalt preservation results for highways, interstates, and more. With quick turnaround time and our team of experts, Midwest Coatings has been a top choice for both the private and public sectors.

The Slurry Sealing Process

A truck carrying a specific mix design awaits use.

Step One

Select a mix design that suits the existing pavement condition.

Pavement is swept in preparation for slurry and micro application.

Step Two

Sweep existing surface for slurry / micro application.

Two MWC crew members cover manholes and water valves.

Step Three

Cover all manholes and water valves.

Slurry is applied by two crew members.

Step Four

Apply slurry / micro in a single or double coarse. Approx. 1/4” thickness each course.

Utilities are uncovered after a slurry sealing job.

Step Five

Uncover utilities and reopen to traffic after material has proper cure time.

Chip Sealing

Keep pavement in good condition by contracting with Midwest Coatings to perform chip sealing services on your county, state, or municipal roads. Our technicians work to diligently seal out water to protect pavement against further deterioration.

Our Chip Sealing Process

Pavement surface is swept with a power broom.

Step One

Sweep existing pavement surface with power broom.

Binder is applied at a specific rate by a truck.

Step Two

Apply binder at specified rate.

Cover aggregate is applied during a chip sealing job.

Step Three

Apply cover aggregate (quartzite, pea rock, limestone).

Step Four

Roll with pneumatic roller.

Fog Sealing/Rejuvenator

Midwest Coatings hosts a team of experts capable of applying professional quality spray application/fog sealing of specially formulated asphalt emulsion. Call us to find an asphalt solution for your driveway, parking lot, or anything else!

A diluted application of CSS1H is performed.

The Fog Sealing Process

Step 1

Sweep existing pavement surface.

Step 2

Apply diluted CSS1H at specified rate. (Between .10 and .20 gal/sq. yd.)

Step 3

Allow cure time prior to opening to traffic.

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